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The Star ♣ Lacili, Laci, Cara, Carebear, Care, That Girl. Anyway you see it I'm her. A little about me? Of course I love to talk about myself. I'm a Christian, I attend a penecostal church that I absolutely LOVE it's so much fun, I'm a HIGHSCHOOL GRADUATE. I'm something more-or-less than straight, I enjoy watching cartoons, rated G and PG movies and I don't really like to watch those sex-fests they parade to be good movies or horror films. I'm currently grounded until I turn 18 because I'm an idiot and I tend to ruin EVERYTHING if given the chance. I think that's enough about me since I've probably said too much already. I should really start emoing now.

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The Layout ♣ This particular layout includes the song LIVE LIKE MUSIC by ALEXZ JOHNSON and the SEXY celeb you see up there is Alexz Johnson from Instant Star, So Weird and Final Destination 3. If you haven't guessed, I have an Alexz Johnson obsession. I mean, seriously. Its starting to get REALLY bad.

mangaluvin HANA-KIMI, Vampire Knight, Meru♥Puri,Loveless, Inuyasha, Hellsing, Death Note, Tsubasa Resivior Chronicle, xxxHOLIC, Chobits, Clamp School Detectives, Fruits Basket, Utena, Legal Drug, Eerie Queerie, Fushigi Yuugi, Cardcaptor Sakura, Angel Sanctuary, Bleach, Angelic Layer, Hot Gimmick, MARS, Full Moon, Absolute Boyfriend, W Juliet, Naruto, One Piece, Mugen Spiral, Imadoki, Wedding Peach, Peach Girl, Psychic Academy, Yuugi-oh, Yuugioh Duelist, Yuugioh Milinium, DNAngel, Wolf's Rain, Pokemon, Crescent Moon, Princess Ai, Dramacon, Trigun, Trigun Maximum, Demon Diary, Digimon, The Dreaming, FLCL, Snow Drop.

animeluvin ♣ xxxHOLIC, Tsubasa, Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh.

musicluvin ♣ ALEXZ JOHNSON, Anberlin, Sanctus Real, Stacie Orrico, Aqua, Mae, Avril Lavigne, 22-20s, A Perfect Circle, Barlow Girl, Aaron Shust, All-American Rejects, Plain White T's, Evanescence, Linkin Park, American Hi-fi, Natalie Merchant, Anna Nalick, Audio Adrenaline, Sonic Flood, Breaking Benjamin, Building 429, Relient K, BrittNicole, Jeremy Camp, Rush of Fools, Tait, Toby Mac, Casting Crowns, The Click Five, Creed, Darren Hayes, Delta Goodrem, Katy Perry, Everlife, Falling Up, Flyleaf, The Fray, Garbage, Hawk Nelson, Hawthorne Heights, Hellogoodbye, Jars of Clay, Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney, Jimmy Eat World, Kill Hannah, Krystal Meyers, Utada Hikaru, Mark Schultz, Miley Cyrus, MCR, Nicole C. Mullen, Phillips Craig and Dean, Project 86, Seven Places, Starflyer 59, Sixpence None the Richer, Stoned Sour, Superchic[k], Third Day, Vanessa Hudgens, Corbin Bleu, The Way, Watashi Wa, Waking Ashland, Vicke Yohe, Skillet, The Strokes, Switchfoot, Kutless.

songluvin ♣ Another Thin Line, Anyone But You, Cause You're Watching Over Me, Don't You Dare, Everything, Everything Feels Like New, Skin, White Lines, Fade To Black, Frozen, How I Feel, How Strong Do You Think I Am, Ultraviolet, Liar Liar, I Don't Know If I Should Stay, I Just Wanted Your Love, I Still Love You, It Could Be You, Let Me Fall, Love To Burn, My Sweet Time, Natural Disaster, Never Give Up, Not Standing Alone, One In a Million World, Over-Rated, Perfect, Pick Up The Pieces, Push Me, Pull You, Running Home, Stupid Girl, Temporary Insanity, That Girl, There's Us, Time To Be Your 21, Waste My Time, 24 Hours, Where Does it Hurt, Who Am I Fooling, Your Eyes, 2AM.

celebluvin ♣ ALEXZ JOHNSON, Tim Rozon, Zac Efron, Orlando Bloom, James Marsden, Angus McLaren, Phoebe Tonkin, Darren Norris, Devon Werkheiser, Lindsey Shaw, Margo Harshman, Jesse McCartney, Jonas Brothers, AJ Trauth, Cara DeLiza, Erik Von Detten, Patrick Levis, Miley Cyrus, Mitchell Musso, Emily Osment, Johnny Depp.

telemovieluvin Nightmare before Christmas, Heroes, Ned's Declassified, H2O: Just add water, 27 Dresses, Instant Star, Ace of Cakes, iCarly, Pride and Prejudice, Zoey 101, Danny Phantom, Hannah Montana, Bridge to Teribithia, PASSION OF CHRIST, High School Musical, So Weird, Even Stevens, Shrek, Meet The Robinsons, Happy Feet, Man of the Year, Pirates of the Carribean, STAR WARS, Avatar, Teen Titans, The Last Mimzy, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella Story, The Perfect Man, Fantastic 4.

bookluvin HOLY BIBLE Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Unwind, Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras, Midnighters 1: The secret hour, Midnighters 2: Touching Darkness, Midnighters 3: Blue Noon, So Yesterday, Peeps, The Last Days, The Schwa was here, THE HOST, The Clique Series, Harry Potter Series, Eragon, Eldest.

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